Philip Kotler

Participants’ opinion

We thank everyone who found the time to fill in the evaluation forms and hand them to us. Be assured we will do our best to raise the standards of our services by taking into account what you told us.

90% of the participants said that the overall impression about the conference was good or very good.

Professor Philip Kotler’s presentation was considered by 97% of the people as being good or very good. 85% of the people gave the marks 4 or 5 to the usefulness of the information presented by Mr. Kotler (the scale was 1 – very bad, 2 – bad, 3 – so and so, 4 – good, 5 – very good).

Also, 85% of the people gave 4′s and 5′s to the following categories of services:

  • access to information about the conference
  • materials from the folder
  • promotion of the event in mass-media
  • simultaneous translation
  • arrangement of the conference room.

The main improvement areas metioned by the participants were about the parking places and the access into the Parliament Palace , with an average grade of 3.6.

We have also received suggestions for arranging the smoking area in a different way.

The statistical error of the information above, based on the number of filled in evaluations, is +/- 3.8%.

Whatever comments or suggestions you still have about the conference, please send them at or .